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We’ve Got to Do More with Laura Tsaggaris

Laura Tsaggaris is a friend and former client who has recently released her first new song in four years, “Lead Me”. Laura has had an incredible journey with five records and 40-plus songs of folk, Americana, alt-country, blues, rock, and pop. She’s eclectic and wildly talented, to say the least. I’ve been a longtime supporter…


Building Empathetic Workplaces with Katharine Manning

Katharine Manning spent 15 years advising the Justice Department on victim issues in its most challenging cases, from terrorism to child exploitation to large-scale financial fraud. She is now the President of Blackbird DC, an organization dedicated to helping institutions prepare for and respond to the challenges they face involving employees and members of the…


The Brandon Green Report: October 2020

Greetings, Over the last several months as we’ve watched the world change, I decided to take this moment in time to renew my investment in my personal brand and my commitment to helping entrepreneurs grow. I’ve built a team to help me, and we are now executing content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, building…


Creating Possibilities: A Two-Year Branding Process

Since 2001, I’ve worked incredibly hard to build my career in the real estate space as well as my personal platform and network. The real estate industry gave me an opportunity to succeed and forge a path and lifestyle, I envisioned for myself, that growing up, I wasn’t sure was possible. As a gay man…

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The Danger Signs

The glasses were at the end of her nose as she reviewed my financial records. This gave me a very distinct impression I was in trouble. It didn’t help that she reminded me of my 2nd-grade teacher, Ms. Provisor who was a stickler for details and tolerated not an ouch of nonsense. Though I was…

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My PPP Dollars Are Gone. Now What?

Last week I spoke with a local gym owner/friend I have been in touch with regularly since the crisis began. I could sense her view of the future was changing and I wanted to understand why. When I spoke to her in late March she had about 4 months of operating cash reserves in a…

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How do we address the gaps in minority business ownership?

I recently interviewed Shelly Bell, founder of Black Girl Ventures, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to community, education, and leadership development for Black and Brown woman founders. We spoke about the painful and unacceptable racial disparities in the distribution of the Paycheck Protection Program as an example of the gaps in business. She pointed out, we…


Why the Sudden Collapse of Small Businesses?

Then as we all now know, sometime around the end of 2019 the Coronavirus pandemic began, disrupting the global economy and shuttering small businesses around the world. Very difficult, for sure, but why was this such a sudden and destructive blow to small businesses after so much progress post-2008? Too little cash reserves and too…

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Falling From the Precipice: Redefining Small Business in America

The US reported a 13.3% unemployment rate in May, — the worst since WWII. This is despite pumping trillions of dollars into the economy designed to save small businesses and jobs. Twelve years of difficult work recovering from the great recession, gone in only two months. We have no reference for such an immediate and…

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Stories of Grit: Brandon Green on How to Stay Successful for the Long Haul

I was recently interviewed by KW Outfront Magazine. My favorite part of the article is when I discuss the intersection between real estate and the outstanding impact it has on one’s life. I enjoyed getting the chance to sit down and be part of such an in-depth conversation. Please enjoy. Written by: KW Outfront Magazine…

A Three Stage Approach to a Pathway to Success in 2020

Friends, At the end of March, I took my 2020 business and personal goals and put them aside. It was clear, everything had changed and the year I planned was not the year that would be. While it’s still jarring to recall how quickly it all changed, I’m increasingly excited to see how the great…


The End…and a beginning

This is the end. The end of our naiveté about just how connected we really are. The end of invincibility and thinking our money, our power, or our status can protect us from everything. This is also the end of some relationships. And most certainly the end of some businesses, some careers, hopes and dreams,…