Alchemy in Action

Alchemy in Action started as an email I sent to my real estate sales team every week with the goal to provide ideas and inspire action. Soon my business world expanded and I started sharing these weekly notes with employees at my new companies. Some people started forwarding my notes to their friends, who reached out and asked to be added to the list. I decided then it was time to open it up to the public as Alchemy in Action.

Today, Alchemy in Action has grown into an inspirational publication that reaches readers around the world who are passionate about entrepreneurism, wealth-building, leadership, self-improvement and being a good citizen of the world. I’m honored to have you join the community and hope you find my weekly notes inspiring and actionable.

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My 3 big bets in 2022: Where they are now

My 3 big bets in 2022: Where they are now

In late 2018 I decided it was time for me to sell my business with no plans as to what I would do next. It took a while to execute that change and, as I suspected at that time, it was a big consequential decision. Thanks to excellent coaching and mentorship, last year...