1% Closer to Balance

I traveled to Iowa recently to visit family and the childhood memories came flooding back. My sister tells a story of how when I was in middle school I wanted a desk for my bedroom.  Not just any desk, an executive style desk. When we moved to Iowa and I got my own room my parents bought me a large desk and I was very excited.  I spent hours at that desk creating big ideas and big dreams. 

That early feeling of needing to move forward in order to fulfill my greatest potential is part of the fuel that drives my engine today. Call it ambition, call it passion, sense of urgency, or call it a drive to a greater vision – one of the challenges of that feeling is it’s insatiable and sometimes exhausting.

As I’ve matured as a person and business owner I’ve realized that fire in my belly has been instrumental in my success and it must be managed, used carefully, and maintained properly to be sustainable, consistent, and enjoyable. 

The paradox seems to be that to achieve “more” you must also be content with what you have, though not so content your complacent. The way I now see it, content peacefulness (acceptance) with where I am now is my foundation on top of which I add an eager excitement (not a stressed tension) for what the future may hold.

As you reflect on your own accomplishments, do you balance between acceptance of where you are now, and eager excitement for the future? If you’re off balance, judging yourself harshly for “failing” to accomplish your goals, or perhaps so eager for the future you feel stressed by not being there now, I encourage you to be kind to yourself and instead ask the question “what can I do tomorrow that will bring me just 1% closer to balance?”

Success at the very top requires a level of consistency, emotional maturity and balance. These aren’t skills one is born with; they are actions anyone can practice and master.

Wishing you a great week ahead.