Just Do It

How do you feel?  Satisfied?  Anxious?  Excited?  Nervous?  As you contemplate, emotion is an indicator of how closely aligned with you – you really are.   As we project forward by setting goals or intentions the larger, wiser part of you becomes that new and improved version of you.  You however don’t always allow yourself to move forward to catch up with who you’ve become.  Negative emotion is an indicator that you’re separated from who you’ve already become.  Negative emotion isn’t bad, it is extremely valuable in guiding us to where we want to go.

Thoughts and emotions are only one part of the equation.  You must take action.  Action provides clarity, facilitates change, and moves you forward.  Even if the path is unclear, doing something can shift the obstacle in front of you and help you see where you’re really going.

The theme developing is “just do it” and see how you feel about what happens.  Stop planning – just do it.  Stop reading about others’ successes – find your own.  Stop wishing you had something – find it  Stop hoping the phone will ring – call someone.  Stop allowing time to pass you by – take responsibility for the time you have today.   Stop looking for the answers – you have them.  Stop waiting – do it now.

There’s no time like the present.