With the launch of Brandon Green Chapter2Ventures, I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions. Mine, and what appears to be a lot of other people. In April, nearly four million employees quit their jobs and if that continues, 25% of the American workforce could change this year which would be a record.

My thought on it all is it’s all too easy to leap, to what appears to be greener pastures, thinking what is creating the angst will somehow be solved “over there”. While often change is warranted, and can be very good for both the individual and organization, I think the problem is too many are leaping without understanding a very important point: Change is an inside job and if not done with long term goals in mind, can result in disappointing outcomes and missed opportunities.

Like most things in life, time gives you a better perspective and what I’ve learned is everyone’s grass has weeds and so it’s best to tend to yours first rather than naively think external change will do anything to address the internal dynamics at play.

Quick tip: if you’re thinking about making a change, great! Now, how can you bridge all you’ve learned and accomplish from where you are now into a new opportunity. With some careful planning you won’t need to burn any bridges, but rather will build ones that will come in very handy in the years to come.