The Truth About Rapid Growth: Do This, or You’ll Stall!

The hard truth is that your business needs something very different from you and your team today than it did last year.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to justify sticking to what you’ve always done because it still needs to be done, and you’re swamped! Besides, you’ve become quite adept at it, so what was once challenging has now become a breeze.

Secretly, you relish impressing yourself (and others) with your newfound speed and efficiency.

But the business has evolved and is demanding more from you and your team. Failing to meet this challenge will inevitably lead to a stall.

This calls for deep introspection and careful leadership. While it’s possible for people to personally grow and keep pace with a rapidly expanding business, it’s not the norm. So, what’s the plan?

Realize that this situation is an opportunity. Your growth has fostered an environment for others to grow as well. That’s a significant positive, even if not everyone sees it that way.

Confront complacency and areas where progress has stalled. Ignoring these issues will breed resentment, leading to dysfunction.

Acknowledge that as the company grows, fostering further growth becomes increasingly difficult. Simply “doing the job” now consumes resources that were once dedicated to growth and innovation. This is a problem that must be addressed, and it won’t get easier.

Ask plenty of questions. The more you learn, the more you’ll realize how much you don’t know. Approach everything with curiosity.

Be clear and objective when articulating what the business needs. Take a moment to separate the people from the equation (in your mind), and you’ll quickly discern what the business truly requires. Then, work on solving it through your team.

Evaluate your options. You have several, from bringing in resources to accelerating personal growth for you and your team to repositioning individuals within the company or even replacing them. While some options may be more appealing than others, lay them all out so you have a clear understanding of your choices.

Leadership’s role is to facilitate growth through people and to continually optimize the company’s resources. This demands an unnatural and relentless pace of growth from leaders within the organization. Few are inherently suited for this, but for those who are, the journey can be incredibly rewarding.