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Mastering Midlife Podcast Episode 96

As you know from following me, over the last year or so I’ve been on a journey to make some important professional pivots. This has been a very difficult and incredibly rewarding experience, and last week I had an opportunity to sit down with coach Mark Silverman to discuss that journey on his podcast. This is the first time I have articulated my experience publicly in this way. Are you looking to make a big change, and not sure how to do it without blowing things up around you? I hope my journey helps you. Several exciting things in the works, I preview some of them at the end.

On this episode of Mastering Midlife:

● In 2018 Brandon started to wonder, “is this what I want to continue to do?”

● The real estate industry started to need to evolve, Brandon’s company needed to, as well.

● How boredom, not something he usually experiences, moved him to question everything.

● Step One, take stock of your resources, people and experiences.

● Step Two, look for examples of people who have gone before.

● Step Three, what are the non-negotiables that must be honored?

● Step Four, find neutral (the white space), to allow what’s next to become clear.

● Everything needs to be on the table, this is a courageous and personal journey

● You do not need to leave it all behind, you can evolve and bring your experience and your community along.

● Make sure you stay connected to your community of support.

Listen below!


About Brandon Green

Brandon is a businessman & entrepreneur who founded a billion-dollar real estate enterprise. He is now focused on speaking, consulting, and investing in people and scalable ideas.

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