The Quality of Trust

There is an ease and calm that develops when you sit with the quality of Trust.  Trust in oneself… Trust you will do or say the right thing at the right moment… Trust that you are equipped to work through anything presented to you.

Do you Trust yourself?

How do you know when you Trust yourself to make the right decision? 

There is a tangible quality to Trust that is assuring, comforting and all knowing, secure, and transcending.  Interestingly, we expect Trust in our relationships with others, but not with ourselves.  Yet doesn’t your relationship with you require the highest level of trust?  What, then gets in the way?

Life experience. 

Contrast, caused by life experience, sometimes causes us to perceive a separation from what we have and what we want.  When we perceive things are not going according to plan we somehow associate that separation with failure by us to do, be, or have something or someone – thus, over time eroding Trust in our self.

Yet, what is perception

Perception is only the angle you’re looking from, at any moment in time, and that angle isn’t the truth it only one truth – depending on your perspective.

If you believe your perception is only one truth – you have within you the ability to shift to a different perceptual point and therefore see a different, more aligned (with what you want) truth from that exact same situation causing you grief.

If you Trust that your perception can be willingly altered then you can shift your perception – of anything – from “wrong” to a new more evolved perceptional point of “okay”.

How do you do this? 

Sit with the quality of Trust and know that everything is exactly as you intended it to be.  Start telling yourself a different story.