This Week, Behind the Scenes


My retreat to Sedona over the MLK holiday was awesome. I stayed at the Hilton Red Rocks Resort for 4 days of hiking in the morning and resting in the afternoon. It was exactly what my soul needed. Normally when I hike, I bring a podcast, but this time I turned off all technology and did my best to keep my focus on my breath and the sounds of nature. It was difficult to maintain focus as I found my mind wandering to all sorts of things, though I enjoyed the challenge and the sense of presence it brought me. If you’re interested in going to Sedona, let me know as I have a pretty good lay of the land now.

Speaking of mindfulness, I’m working through a 40-day mindfulness series by Tara Brach called Mindfulness Daily. It’s really good and easy, 10 minutes every day. If you’re interested in joining me, let me know and we can do a little mini accountability text group. Just reply to this email. 

Last week I worked on resetting our strategy at Stoney Creek Farm. Here is a high-level strategy document I’m working on. I plan to start executing in February so please comment on anything you see. I had a call with our hotel consultants who gave me renewed confidence in the project and so many of you reached out to encourage me and I appreciate it very much. Onward we go to create something extraordinary.

The retreat also gave me some time to reflect on the content I’m producing, and I’ve come to the conclusion there isn’t enough focus and solid take home value just yet. I have some calls with my team this week and we’re going to make some adjustments and roll out a course on wealth building which was inspired by this blog on how I now see my wealth building journey in 3 phases. I’ve managed to build a life just as I want it and now, I want to help others build that for themselves.

Loving you!