Success is Sequential

I want to bubble to the top one topic –  success is sequential and not simultaneous.  This is particularly difficult in entrepreneurship as we are required to do a multitude of things reasonably well in order to advance.  You must be reasonably good at sales, marketing, administration, organization, design, communication and the list goes on.  No other job I can think of would require such a breadth of abilities in order to succeed at a high level.

The trap however is just because you can do everything reasonably well, doesn’t mean you do everything well.

Growth in business eventually requires you to ask the question – what do I actually do extremely well?  And how can I focus more time on that?

The most successful business people in the country aren’t successful because they do everything (though at one point they probably did) – they are at the top of their field because they know everything that must be done, have figured out what they are really good at and focus on that.  Eventually they begin to leverage or drop the rest.

Big success in life happens sequentially over time and requires a commitment to find your “one” thing where your talent really shines.  Focus on that one thing, and allow the rest of it to be somewhat messy until you grow enough to surround yourself with people who are good at those other things.

What is your “one” thing?