The #1 reminder every entrepreneur needs right now

To my fellow builders out there.

It’s harder than you think.

It’s going to take much longer than you want.

You’ll invest way more than you can.

You’ll risk everything.

The return is even more uncertainty than you calculated.

Few will understand you but many will admire you.

Many will want what you have, few would do what you’ve done.

No one will be as committed as you.

You will be out of balance all the time.

Your family will worry about you.

You’ll worry about yourself.

You’ll think you’re conquering the world on Monday but by Tuesday think you’re a total failure.

You’ll be constantly unsatisfied.

You’ll be totally unrealistic and often unreasonable.

You’ll obsess with the most minor detail everyone else seems to overlook.

You’ll be too intense for many.

You’ll be happy because you choose to be, and because you know you’re living your life fully, no regrets.

Never stop building and betting on yourself!