A Setback

Hi guys,

What happened in DC last week was deeply unsettling and is very much on my mind today. I posted my extended thoughts on my personal Facebook page and a shorter version on Instagram. You can also read them here

Two resources that have helped me understand and contextualize the events of last week: First, this video on Twitter from Arnold Schwarzenegger powerfully frames the events through the lens of his upbringing in Austria. I can’t remember the last time I watched a 7-minute video on Twitter. It’s worth it. The other resource that is outstanding is Ray Dalio’s The Changing World Order. It’s not short, or pleasant, but it will illustrate to you where we are in the predictable cycle of empires rising and falling. Dalio explains that the U.S. is on the precipice and the events in the coming decade will write the story for the next 100+ years. 

Now, I want to share a more personal struggle with you, a roadblock that is standing in the way of my vision. Last Monday was the planning commission hearing for my Stoney Creek Farm hotel project. The meeting was awful. Unfortunately, there was an avalanche of opposition, and we were unprepared for it. I knew some neighbors were unhappy, but I underestimated both their ability to organize and their negative view toward Stoney Creek Farm these last 15 years. The difficult irony I had to swallow was, we addressed their issues in our plan, but all of that was overshadowed by how they felt.

I was overcome with heaviness and feeling pretty down after putting so much effort into the project the last few years. But toward the end of the week, I started to see the learning and opportunities—the silver linings, if you will. We now have, on public record, what the issues are. Everything is on the table. I pulled the application Thursday to stop the negative momentum and will now work to make changes to the plan and build more local support, some of which raised it’s hand today. If you want to hear me get my butt kicked for 2.5 hours, here is the link to the hearing. 

I find inner strength in setbacks and am more committed than ever to see this through. This week and the rest of the month will be about regrouping for Stoney Creek Farm by relooking at our financial models with our hotel consultants and building out a plan to solidify local support. 

Ask: I am in the process of building a community strategy to rally the support we need. If you’d like to join me and/or have ideas to build this effort, fill out the form here so we can discuss.

I’m headed to Sedona, Arizona on Thursday for 5 days for my annual personal reflection retreat. I considered canceling it because of Covid, but ultimately decided to go. I believe the more responsibilities we have, the more we need to go on retreat. People count on us to be clear-headed, thoughtful, kind, strategic, and healthy. The reflection during retreat helps us be all of those things.

Share: Where do you go for retreats? I’d love to add to my list (share in form here) and publish later about the retreat spots other people who are building their visions go to.

Finally, please share this email with people you believe would benefit from joining our Tribe and have them get in contact with me. I would love to get to know them.