Community in 2021 with Brandon Green

To my tribe,

First, thank you for raising your hand and trusting I will provide value to you. It feels like the right time to intentionally build an authentic community, and I promise to take my commitment to you and this initiative seriously. 

One of the problems with thought leadership content right now is that it’s too oriented to the past. While I think that’s helpful to an extent, and I do a lot of it myself, I want to start talking more about what is happening now. What I’m building now. What I’m struggling with now. And how that can help you.

So, if you can’t get enough of business, have big goals in mind, are particularly passionate about all things real estate, have a mild to severe obsession with travel and hospitality, really enjoy full-bodied European reds (especially with cheese and charcuterie), and generally live life with endless curiosity about nearly everything—then we will get along great!

So what are we going to do?

I’m going to send you real-time emails about what I’m working on, learning about, and needing help with. I will also be paying very close attention to you and what you’re doing so I can make connections for you and share some of your projects and insights with the community.

Bottom line, I want 2021 to be the most successful and fulfilling year of our lives.

That’s all for now! Though before I leave, here is a special holiday message from my husband, Christian, and me.

See you in the new year!