Working for money?

Years ago, the master instructor Dick Dillingham posed the following question in class “If you didn’t have to work for money, what would you do?”

I loved that question and got busy in my journal writing down all the things I would do if my lifestyle was taken care of and I didn’t have to “work for money.”  Since then that question has come up many times, and just like the first time, I grabbed my pen and journal and started writing. I thought I had some pretty good answers to that theoretical question.

And then, theory became reality.

Now that didn’t happen overnight.  It took 18 years of 6-7 day a week work to get here.  I’m very fortunate that through a combination of decent investments, great partnerships, a lot of hard work, a handful of side hustles, and my husband’s successful business, I now must answer the question.  What I find interesting, is I don’t know the answer to it.

Here are three observations in all of this thus far:

  1. Not having the answer is uncomfortable, and somewhat embarrassing, given how much time I’ve spent thinking about it and how self-aware I feel I am. And yet, I realize that is an unnecessary judgement, and I forgive that, and I’m excited about the new opportunity this provides.
  2. The point I’m in now was never the destination. I can see now it’s part of the overall journey, and the fact I wasn’t overly focused on getting to this point, but instead focused on smaller goals along the way, enhanced the journey.
  3. What took me 18 years, could actually be done in 5. I see that now, and my hope is to help anyone else who wants it to be able to achieve their version of this goal a lot fast.

Stay tuned.  I’m much closer now to answering this question.  I’m also being careful not to over think this. My mind is a powerful servant of my heart, which is king.