A carwash membership I didn't know I needed

You won’t believe what happened when I tried this carwash – it completely changed my perspective!

I had 20 minutes before my next appointment so I decided to get my car washed. A quick look on Google Maps and I saw there was a ModWash right around the corner so I headed over to try it out.

In a hurry, I pulled into the payment lane, credit card in hand. Suddenly, a 20-something guy walked over, waived me away from the auto payment kiosk, leaned into my open driverside window, and said with a slight but detectable southern drawl in between chomps of bubble gum, “You sir look like a guy who needs a carwash membership…”

I definitely am not a guy who could use a carwash membership, I thought, but surprised by the charming personal engagement, I took the bait.

“Why do you say that, Trevor?” I asked, looking at his oversized name tag.

That was all he needed to launch into the most passionate sales pitch for a carwash membership I had ever heard. Frankly, I was nearly convinced that indeed I was a guy who needed a carwash membership!

I let him finish, politely declined, and he gave me complimentary “ModWash Unlimited”.

“Try before you buy!” he said as I waived and rolled up my window.

Wow, what a passionate employee, I thought. At a carwash. That’s interesting and refreshing.

As I entered the carwash machine, Suzanne (another big name tag, which now I understood was useful when looking at it from a distance) pointed at the sign indicators in the style of Vanna White, “Go” “Stop” “Wait” she pointed, mouthing the words one by one. Interesting. A bit unnecessary but I appreciated the personal touch. Then on the other end of the carwash tube, much to my surprise, Suzanne was there again, waiving me out, and wishing me a pleasant rest of my day – complete with a thumbs up, admiring the wash I had just received as if she had done it herself. “Looks great!” she mouthed with an exuberant wave.

Zipping back to my appointment I reflected on the experience and realized I very much enjoyed it and will go out of my way to come back. I was inspired by how they have taken something so transactional and made it into a pleasurable experience.

The takeaways:

If ModWash can create an extraordinary experience at a carwash, why can’t you in your real estate business?


Trevor was on to something, I am a guy who needs a carwash membership after all if it comes with such great service.

Happy Car Wash Season,

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