Coaching People Through Wealth Building

Recently, I wrote a reflective piece on my wealth-building journey, the building of which has been instrumental in creating the life I’m genuinely happy with. If you read it, you’ll see that I didn’t take a traditional path to wealth. I took a long and hard route, which has now inspired me to help other entrepreneurs avoid similar problems.

You probably agree, too many business owners put everything on the line for their businesses, leaving very little for themselves and their families. I now know it doesn’t have to be that way, and so I created Brandon Green Chapter 2 Ventures to help.

Experience has taught me that when you clarify your vision, learn to love the journey, and craft the positive impact you’ll make in the world, anything is possible. That feels good to say, but the truth is, you need a plan and resources to make it all happen. That’s our focus: helping people create and act on those plans.

In 2021, we will roll out a series of impactful content, resources, and products, including actual investment opportunities. We are excited to start with a 12-week wealth-building intensive product—beta version. Developed over years of experience and with strategic guidance from my mentors and consultants, my goal with this intensive is to help you grow your profitability and net worth.

There just isn’t enough focus on this stuff, and I’m committed to changing that. My team and I have taken what can often be an overwhelming idea of “wealth-building” and broken it up into 4 milestones over 12 weeks. In Milestone 1 we will focus on Building Your Financial Foundation. This is not sexy work, often the last part that is considered when building your dream, but it’s critically important and where I see a lot of people make mistakes. We’ll talk about how to set up and read a profit and loss statement, how to establish an LLC, which kind and how many bank accounts to open, and what kind of financial software to use. We’ll also explore taxes right away.

Next, we’ll move to Milestone 2, Resetting Your Financial Health. That starts with mindset of course, though it quickly goes into how to properly configure your chart of accounts and how to actually input your data property. Data management—oh boy. You’ve got to get it down if you expect to advance.

Milestone 3 is Improving Your Profitability and Profit Margin. Here, we’re going to generate a profit and loss statement, create a 3-month budget, and build and read a balance sheet.

From there we move to Milestone 4, where it all comes together by Completing an Investment Plan. In this milestone, we learn how to calculate your net worth, explore various retirement plan options, discuss developing a team around you, and formulate an actionable 10-year wealth-building plan.

I so wish I would have had this course 20 years ago—heck, even 10. So, join me as I guide you towards the wonderful world of profitability, and play a role in advancing the program for the many people to come.

You can sign up for the Wealth Building Intensive here: https://makeithappenacademy.thinkific.com/