Are you following nature's lead?

Late summer has a unique energy, so much so it seems to be a season unto itself. The days become noticeably shorter and our thoughts turn to fall and winter. (Given the intense heat of this summer, I think most of us are welcoming a little sweater weather!)

It’s helpful then, to contemplate what opportunities the fall and winter may present to you (economically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually) and what actions you might consider to harmonize with this late summer moment. 

In all likelihood we will continue to experience more turmoil as we unwind massive amounts of capital infused into the system over the last several years, and as we approach the November election. All of that makes it really important to bolster our defenses and open ourselves up to opportunities this next season will most assuredly present. 

Consider focusing on these three areas in the coming weeks: 


As the decreasing daylight hours suggest, our bodies appreciate (and need) more rest in the fall and winter. Consider adjusting your schedule to accommodate. For example, can you add 30 minutes to your nightly routine? Can you sleep a little longer on the weekends? I’ve been wearing an Oura ring for the last several months and that has really helped me monitor the quantity and quality of my sleep. Want something to improve? Measure it. 


The last several months have been heavy execution months in my world and I can feel how that has restricted my creativity. Perhaps you feel the same? Luckily, fall is the time to reopen your creative energies by recommitting to activities that benefit the right side of the brain. What energizes and releases your creativity? For example, I am recommitting to my writing routine which is a foundational element of my creativity overall. 


For the most part, the die is cast for this year. Can you get out of the way and let it materialize? A wise coach once helped me see that just because you can’t see it happening doesn’t mean it’s not. There is so much wisdom in allowing your actions in Q1 and Q2 to work themselves out in Q3 and Q4. Rarely is there an immediate connection between action and result and yet we’re very impatient when we don’t see things happening now. The key is to hang on long enough to see the actual fruits of your labor materialize. I’m not suggesting you do nothing this fall, but consider any real action from late summer on is about 2023, and not 2022. 

Above all, my wish for you as we inch towards autumn is that you take pause and take stock. As Seth Goden says, when we give away our day, we give away our future.