How Brandon Green Consulting can help small businesses survive the COVID crisis

When the market crashed in 2008 it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was unprepared. As a result, I sat at the precipice of financial collapse until I figured out how to pivot, be successful, and grow during a recession. It was painful. 

This time it has been the speed of change that has taken my breath away. I am still mourning the business results, life experiences, and projects I thought I was going to have in 2020. But this week I turned the corner — peacefulness and gratitude replaced my anxiety. My oxygen mask is now on.

These experiences have inspired me to reach out and find new ways to contribute. I immediately identified two problems:

  1. Accessing any of the government financial assistance programs requires navigating complex loan and grant applications. Many small business owners are underprepared and overwhelmed by these processes and requirements, which means they won’t be able to secure the resources needed to survive Q2. 
  2. Many small business owners don’t have complete, accurate, or organized financial reports — exacerbating the near-term problem and exposing a vulnerability that, if not fixed, could tank their business later.     


This is personal for me. This was me in 2008.


To address these challenges I’m doing three things 

  •  Rapid-Response Help for COVID-19 Loan & Grant Assistance Applications. For the COVID-19 Loan and Grant Application processes, I have partnered with J.D. Clark Consulting and Tisa Clark — a friend and trusted resource for more than 20 years — to help business owners and nonprofits apply for these programs. Learn more or apply »
  • A 60-day Small Business Survival Program. I have launched a 60-day program to help you get a handle on your business finances. This program is designed to help small business owners organize and establish visibility into their revenue, expenses, and profitability — and to develop a strategy and action plan to ensure their viability. The program is perfect for independent contractors, sole proprietors, or LLCs, who might be using personal bank accounts and credit lines and operating without organized financial reports. The program will also help those who need to establish debt management strategies, reduce expenses, and fix cash flow issues. Learn more and comment or apply »
  • Compiling a Resource & Video Library. I have started interviewing entrepreneurs and industry experts and am building a library of resources and strategies to help small business owners navigate uncertain times. There are practical considerations, risks to be managed, and opportunities to be found in 2020. These interviews are designed to highlight people doing great work right now. You can find these on Instagram and YouTube channel.

I invite you to co-create with me

Share this blog with others who might need help. More importantly: Join me. Come co-design and co-create this program with us. This is a prototype — we are building on the fly! — so we welcome any ideas you might have about how we can improve and expand. 

Visit the Business Survival Program Syllabus for more details, including pricing. Anyone can comment so you can contribute immediate and direct feedback. 

You can also apply directly for either the 60-day program or rapid-response COVID-19 application assistance »

Small businesses sit at the heart of our community. This pandemic has exposed our vulnerabilities. We need to address them and get on a firm foundation to ensure that the businesses we love make it and are stronger as a result of this experience.