Helping entrepreneurs increase their leadership capacity

It’s easy to believe professional success requires great personal sacrifice.

Too often, we lose ourselves in the process of building our businesses. Initially, that trade-off seems to work––until we realize the true cost of that sacrifice. Something has to change if you are to build the kind of sustainable wealth and impact you envision.

Helping you create possibilities and make them a reality is our playground.

We are going to remind you who you really are, what’s truly possible in this world, and how you can have it all––as you define it. We focus on seizing the opportunities around us, and our platform is designed to help you do just that. 

Meet Brandon Green

Brandon Green is an internationally celebrated serial entrepreneur, best known for founding and growing one of the nation’s most successful real estate organizations, Keller Williams Capital Properties, with sales now exceeding $2 billion annually.

Along with being a proud husband and a devoted cat dad, Brandon is the founder and CEO of Chapter2Ventures, a Washington, DC-based holding company on a mission to help entrepreneurs build sustainable wealth through learning, investing, and connecting. C2V operates several high-impact businesses including The Alchemy of Money®, a financial training and investing platform for small business owners. Other companies in the C2V portfolio include a design firm, tech startup, and luxury hotel brand. C2V’s official charity partner is The Alchemy Foundation, a non-profit focused on financial literacy and support for early-stage entrepreneurs.

Brandon is on a mission to help entrepreneurs increase their leadership capacity and build sustainable wealth for themselves through technology, learning experiences, and impact investments.

As a keynote speaker for more than 20 years, Brandon has brought his message of reinvention to more than 1 million people across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Brandon has been featured by The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Inc., and Fortune Magazine.


Wealth-building is an abstract topic that can mean different things to different people. It can be unclear what to do to start, and even more unclear how to build a sequence of steps that will take you where you want to go. We’re here to help.

Alchemy of Money® Platform

Financial Coaching. Bookkeeping. Private Investment Opportunities. The Alchemy of Money® is your all-in-one wealth-building platform. Join the ultimate community of successful entrepreneurs committed to reaching—and sustaining—financial freedom. You’ll get every tool you need to move through your roadblocks, setup financial systems, and access exclusive investment opportunities that aren’t available to the public.

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The Alchemy Foundation

Founded in 2021 in the wake of the pandemic’s effects on income disparities across the globe, The Alchemy Foundation partners with organizations focused on financial literacy and inclusion to increase equity. We support work that equips young people and adults with financial tools, education, and access to secure better futures for themselves.