Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Expert on Balanced and Centered Leadership

Brandon is an on the ground leader and delivers clear insight for professionals looking to increase effectiveness and navigate change during challenging times.


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Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Impact Investor

Known for being thoughtful and authentic about what he has built, Brandon Green is a thought leader, an award-winning entrepreneur, an investor, and professional speaker.

As an internationally recognized expert on balancing success and purpose and navigating challenging times with calm and clarity, Brandon personifies effective leadership today. He brings to his keynotes, workshops, consultation, interviews and investments his experience of founding and growing a real estate organization in the heart of the financial crisis of 2008 with sales now exceeding $2 billion. Brandon is an on the ground leader and delivers clear insight for professionals looking to increase effectiveness and navigate change during these challenging times.

In addition to founding and growing one of the nation’s most successful real estate organizations, Brandon is founder of Chapter 2 Ventures, a company focused on investing in innovative people and organizations who help facilitate positive change through business enterprise.


Brandon is an outstanding emcee and speaker. He hosted our Inman Connect event in Las Vegas and we were very pleased with how he engaged the audience, introduced our speakers, and connected all the dots to ensure a seamless top-notch production.

Brad Inman
Founder, Inman

In my experience as President and Founder of The Inner Circle Experience and The Bridal Circle and as someone who routinely creates luxury experiences, I have had the pleasure of working with many of the industry’s brightest minds. Brandon Green ranks among the very best speakers I have ever encountered. Mr. Green’s speeches on the topics of change and leadership have​ been keenly influential, inspiring the key industry leaders who attended my most recent conference in the south of Spain. I, too, have been impacted by Mr. Green’s enlightening presentations.

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“As a public speaker, Mr. Green is electrifying. Passionate and well-versed, Mr. Green’s zeal for his subject matter is infectious. In a single hour at a recent event, attendees gained fresh perspectives on the importance of change and on how to stay relevant in an ever-morphing market. Mr. Green also utilized concrete examples of trends that are transforming creativity and innovation in industries as diverse as media publishing, real estate, technology, and telecommunications. We have found Mr. Green to be an authority on topics such as media technologies and the overall subjects of innovation, creativity, and change.

More of my attendees have requested a copy of the presentation from Mr. Green’s keynote speech than from any other speaker ICE has hosted. Mr. Green has deep professional expertise, and it shows. He draws on his career and personal encounters in order to illustrate the way major trends are reshaping the process of innovation across entire industries.

Packed with illuminating anecdotes, telling statistics, surprising paradoxes and a refreshing dose of good humor, Mr. Green works from both his own repertoire as well as prepares unique presentations for his clients. At my request, in October 2019, Mr. Green crafted a special opening presentation for The Inner Circle Experience 2019 in Marbella, Spain. This plenary speech was superb. It set the pace for three days of lively discussion among my guests and provided valuable insight for all entrepreneurs who were in attendance.

Animated and provocative, Mr. Green’s expert use of humor and bold statements backed up with solid market data stirred our elite audience to reconsider the way they do business. Mr. Green was eager to provide suggestions for discussion topics, roundtables, and guest speakers. I found it a pleasure to include Mr. Green in all conference events and discussions throughout our conference.

In sum, it is my pleasure to give Brandon Green my highest recommendation as Sade Awe, Founder, and President, Inner Circle Experience”

Sade Awe
Founder and President, Inner Circle Experience

Brandon Green is one of the most impactful and prepared speakers I have heard in recent years. I work within the corporate event space and often hear speakers across a variety of different business events. Brandon prepares as well as executes a learning experience that encourages the participant to see where they may be stuck or where they can improve.

Brandon uses his personal business history and story to show attendees that he is speaking from a place of knowledge and experience. He takes the participant on a journey that brings them back to themselves. He is relevant, clear, polished, wonderful, funny, kind and thought-provoking .

Jennifer Johnson
Owner, Jenn Events

Brandon has a natural and easy charisma about him that draws people in. His well researched and thoughtful presentation was direct and hit on topics that are relevant for entrepreneurs. His style of delivery with personal anecdotes was powerful. I walked away inspired, but also challenged to implement the very real and actionable nuggets he shared.

Aba Kwawu
President, TAAPR

When Brandon speaks, I’m smart enough to listen… Brandon is laser-focused, deliberate, methodical… He is intellectually curious; he has both. High EQ and high IQ and he funnels that natural talent in a quest for greater good; with the intentional goal of positively impacting lives, one or many, at a time. I’ve never known Brandon not to offer to share a resource or a valuable piece of information that might just be what you needed to meet that challenge square in the eye. Most importantly, Brandon is a friend… a real one, the kind you call up when nothing is going well because you know he won’t send you to voicemail; he’ll answer the call and be ready to help with everything’s he’s got…that kind of friend. I am inspired by Brandon because he inspires me to aspire to be much greater than I think I am, and for that, I am grateful to call him part of my chosen family.

Natalia Luis
COO and Owner, M Luis Construction

“Brandon leads with his heart and makes true connections with his audience. His content is relevant and real, and he shares passionately and courageously. Life is a continual process of arrival into who we are and Brandon’s Renaissance man approach to life has given him a wealth of experience in a wide range of interests. His natural curiosity activates his willingness to step up, put himself out there, and lean into courage.”

Jennifer Lehmann Weng
Executive Director,

“Brandon is very articulate and is able to connect with the room in a very authentic manner. He draws on his extensive experience building businesses and teams and leaves the audience both informed and inspired.”

Jay Papasan
VP of Learning, Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

“Brandon’s speech was a powerful mixture of authentic sharing, engaging storytelling and relevant and salient insights for anyone seeking to be a business leader in today’s changing world. As a fellow entrepreneur and co-speaker at the event,​ I personally found his material extremely useful, and found myself taking copious notes! Brandon clearly puts his heart and soul into his speaking, connects powerfully with his audience and I’d recommend him for anyone looking for a high-caliber keynote speaker.”

Andrew Hunt
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Aduna

“If you have the opportunity to hear or hire Brandon, you must. Having founded several very successful businesses over the years, Brandon brings to the conversation a deep understanding of what it’s like to run and lead businesses today. On top of that,​ he’s incredibly inspirational and entertaining and keeps the audience engaged and interested throughout his presentation.”

Leo Pareja
President and Co-Founder, Remine

Notable Awards & Accomplishments


ICIC Inner City 100 List of Fastest-Growing Companies

Makes the list in 2018 for a notable sixth time.


Washington Post Top Workplace

Makes the list for four consecutive years in 2018, voted by employees in a professionally administered survey.


Washington Business Journal

Makes the 2018 list of the fastest growing and most productive companies in the region.


Inc. Magazine

Inducted into the Inc. 5000 Honor Roll for being honored for the fifth straight year as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies.


REAL Trends/ Wall Street Journal “The Thousand"

Had more agent teams ranked by closed transactions and sales volume than any other franchise.

Brandon’s Keynotes

This keynote is perfect for industries experiencing challenges in this new economic reality.

Key Takeaways

In 2008 and 2009 while the rest of the world was focused on the financial crisis, Brandon Green and his partners launched and grew multiple real estate offices in the heart of the nation’s capital. How did they do that? What was the secret to go from zero to $2B in annual sales volume in 10 years? In this keynote Brandon speaks to the lessons learned while leading through crisis and how to thrive, not just survive.

In this keynote Brandon inspires and teaches people how to assess what’s important and how to use that clarity to achieve results.

Key Takeaways

Maybe the millennials started it, but now everyone wants it and that is success and purpose in our work. Effective leadership today not only recognizes that, it demands it. In this keynote Brandon pulls from his direct experience building an organization with more than 1,000 people and how he leads and inspires people into productivity, retains top talent, keeps people engaged and moving collectively toward a common goal. Brandon is an on the ground leader and speaks to how his orientation to purpose and results drive individual and collective success.

This keynote or workshop speaks directly to entrepreneur and other small business owner audiences.

Key Takeaways

As a real estate professional and owner of several small businesses Brandon knows what it’s like to live on the edge financially and to have your head in the sand about what is happening. If there is anything recent events have taught us it’s that it is not acceptable to be blind financially and as business owners, we have to do better. In this keynote or workshop, Brandon speaks to some painful personal experiences that shaped his thinking and approach to finances and gives tactical insight on how entrepreneurs can make significant advancements in their own financial success.

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