Brandon is a businessman & entrepreneur who founded a billion-dollar real estate enterprise 

He is now focused on speaking, consulting, and investing in people and scalable ideas.

About Brandon

Brandon Green is a thought leader and businessman who founded and scaled a multi-billion dollar real estate enterprise and is now focused on helping others who want to build their businesses to scale.

As a serial entrepreneur, Brandon has helped fund, launch and grow more than 15 successful start-up businesses since 2001 totalling more than $7B in sales.

Few people have built their success as Brandon Green has without traditional networks and institutions that support most successful people in their trajectory.

His success was anything but predictable.  When you dive into his underdog story you'll be inspired, and you'll see how anyone, no matter their background, can achieve extraordinary success.

Through speaking, consulting, and investing in people and businesses, Brandon works with people and organizations around the world to inspire action and results in a time of great change.


Brandon's rare business track record speaks for itself. Speaking is one of the skills Brandon developed early to drive that success and he now speaks to small groups and large audiences around the world about entrepreneurism, and real estate related topics. In addition to keynotes, Brandon is also a gifted interviewer, with extensive experience moderating large events and panels.

Part of his interesting background story is Brandon experienced the power of making a difference early in his life while touring with an educational organization Up With People whose mission is to inspire young people to make a difference in the world. He attributes his curiousity about people and his stage presence to the training he received during his two years on the road with that organization.

Consulting & Investing in Businesses

Brandon doesn't just talk about it, he's done it and now consults with other entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their own businesses. Brandon's style is authentic, deep, and more holistic than most consultants and his empathy reflects his track record of success.

In addition to consulting, Brandon and his team are dedicated to funding and supporting people and transformative, scalable ideas. Whether you're interested in consulting services or may be at a point where capital infusion and partnership could make the difference for you, please contact us by clicking below.

Find a Real Estate Agent

Looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate anywhere in the world?

Brandon started his professional career as a real estate investor in Washington DC in 2000, then became an agent, and eventually the co-founder and broker of one of the nation’s fastest growing real estate companies.

Brandon has a global network of vetted real estate professionals ready to assist you buy, sell, or invest in residential or commercial real estate.