Brandon is an investor and entrepreneur

Brandon co-founded what is now a billion dollar real estate enterprise. Today he brings private equity and expertise to impact-oriented businesses. He is also a skilled speaker and writer, sharing his perspective on life and business with audiences around the world.

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About Brandon

An investor and entrepreneur, Brandon Green is a business leader who co-founded and scaled a billion dollar real estate enterprise and is now focused on bringing private equity and expertise to impact-oriented small to mid-size businesses, with a special emphasis on woman and immigrant owned business enterprises.

Brandon also spends time speaking and writing, connecting with audiences around the world with a practical and inspirational message about how to advance key priorities in life and in business.

Few people have built their success as Brandon Green has without traditional networks and institutions that support most successful people in their trajectory.

His success was anything but predictable.  When you dive into his story you'll be inspired, and you'll see how anyone, no matter their background, can achieve extraordinary success.

Brandon's purpose is to bring the world together and improve the lives of all its citizens by using his ability to communicate, empower, and inspire action and impact. Brandon believes that all people, through deep self-awareness, exploration and alignment with oneself, can succeed and make a difference.

He uses his gifts to demonstrate what is possible in life and business to inspire action and empathy and to help people see we are all in pursuit of the same thing, happiness for ourselves and people we care about.


Brandon's business track record speaks for itself. Speaking is one of the skills Brandon developed early to drive that success and he now speaks to audiences around the world about entrepreneurism, impact businessesreal estate, and personal development priorities. In addition to keynotes, Brandon is a gifted interviewer, with extensive experience moderating large events and panels.

Part of his interesting background story is Brandon experienced the power of making a difference early in his life while touring with an educational organization Up With People whose mission is to inspire young people to make a difference in the world. He attributes his curiousity about people and his stage presence to the training he received during his two years on the road with that organization.

Investing in Businesses

Brandon believes entrepreneurism makes the world better and is focused on investing in entrepreneurs and their impact-focused businesses through a private equity vehicle. Brandon brings together individual investors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and institutional capital into a mission focused environment, dedicated to advance small and mid-size businesses with an emphasis on woman and immigrant owned organizations.

Not all businesses are ready for capital though may need the expertise and so Brandon and his partners provide mentorship and coaching for vetted entrepreneurs dedicated to making a difference.

Brandon and his team are looking for opportunities to make a difference. His investments are focused on businesses with $2M-$10M in revenue that have hit a key inflection point that has slowed or stalled growth and profitability. He and his team invest for long-term growth and look for businesses dedicated to community impact that have metrics showing how the business is making lives and communities better.

If you are looking to invest, or are interested in receiving an investment, or perhaps need some help evaluating how to growth, please contact us by clicking below.

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