I was 36 months away from being irrelevant

I was maybe 36 months away from being completely irrelevant.  And didn’t even know it.  I hope this post is a wake-up call for you too.

According to analytics from Flurry, a year ago we were spending 5 hours a day on our mobile device.  You know, that thing we used to call a cell phone and now get totally annoyed by when a call comes in on it and interrupts our texting.  And that time is increasing.

Like it or not, be nostalgic about the past when people actually spoke to each other, or not, the game today is on social networks sitting in our hand.

If you’re judging, let me ask, when was the last time you went more than 24 hours without your phone? I rest my case.

So, if half our day is spent on our devices, and you’re not competing for attention by adding value on the platforms that connect us on those devices, you’re increasingly irrelevant. I was headed on that path.

I don’t care if you’re a business owner, a government employee, a CPA, or a sales guy or gal, if you’re in the game, and plan to be so for the next 5 years or more, you’d better get with it.

I am honestly still trying to wrap my head around how to execute the volume of content push that is required.  And a big part of me is nauseous at the thought of dominating Snap because I’m super annoyed at the lack of thoughtfulness in this world and I’m trying to figure out how to insert that in under 60 seconds.

Here’s where I’m at.  Social isn’t the only thing you need to master, though it’s a big part of the world and we must engage it.  That’s where the eyeballs are and so if you’re wanting to have an impact in your community, better get with it.

Game on.