Desire Is Not Enough

Everyone wants better for themselves.  It’s a natural human condition – the evolution forward into something better than previously experienced or known.  Yet, why do some people and organizations succeed at improving and moving forward, and others do not?

I think it boils down to the truth around the base line psychological need of certainty.  Certainty is the foundation of our psyche.  We must feel certain our basic needs of food, warmth and shelter for ourselves and for our close loves ones are met.  Without certainty, challenge – which is what facilitates growth – cannot occur.

We’ve all seen remarkable accomplishments that, from out outside perspective seem anything but certain.  Take Diana Nyad’s recent swim.  There wasn’t much certainty in that.  Or Apple’s launch of the first music device.  No certainty there, no one had ever heard of a music player in your pocket.  So how did those people persist and move forward with action without certainty?

Here is the hidden truth.  Certainty must come from within and cannot be dependent on external circumstances or people.  It’s only in the realization that YOU are in charge of your certainty and through that realization you unlock your ability to succeed at the highest levels in life.  Only you can be your rock of certainty and to the extent you try to control others, either overly or covertly, in order to shore up your certainty, you’re sure to remain subject to the whims of life rather than the wins.

I’m certain about many things.  I’m certain about your strength, even when you feel weak.  I’m certain about your confidence, even when you feel doubtful.  I’m certain about your light, even when you feel dark.  I’m certain about your open presence, even when you’re skeptical.  I’m certain you are great, even when you don’t do your best.  I’m certain you are moving forward, even when you’ve taken several steps back.

I’m also certain that through you we are having an impact, we are making a difference, we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and we have set the course for top of the mountain and will stop short of nothing less.