Alchemy in Action - Are you Rich?

For many years no matter how much money I made, I didn’t feel rich. It was frustrating because while I was pursuing wealth, I realized I had not defined it, which made it perpetually out of reach. 

Which brings up the question, how do you know if you’re rich? 

Rich is always relative, so what/who are you comparing yourself to as you evaluate the question?

I’ll bet compared to a couple generations before you, you’re incredibly rich. 

The UN recently reported 37% of the world’s population has never used the internet. You’re impossibly rich to them.

And then there is the fact that being rich doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with money. I recently sprained my foot. The experience has made me feel rich in health because I don’t have serious physical challenges. 

In considering the question “are you rich?”, Gary Keller of Keller Williams recently posed 5 questions that I thought you’d appreciate. 

  1. What does money mean to you?
  2. Why do you want it? 
  3. How much money do you have?
  4. What do you do with it?
  5. How much more do you need?

Respond back, let me know how you define rich, and I’ll share a few comments next week.