A note from Bogotá

Good morning from Bogotá. Yesterday I was listening to New York Magazine’s Pivot podcast and Scott Galloway was talking about dispersion and how the pandemic has accelerated remote work and play. Our physical location seems less and less important as long as there is good WIFI. Case in point, I’m in Colombia. Where are you in the world and how have your views on remote changed work since the pandemic started? 

While a lot of opportunity is created by the freedom of being anywhere, the dark side is isolation and segregation, particularly for those who do not have resources, or an interest to explore.

I have acutely seen the dark side on this trip as we work to resettle my mother-in-law who, despite our best efforts, has been living in a very complicated, isolated, poverty-stricken situation in Venezuela for years. As you can imagine, the pandemic magnified the problem.

Thankfully she is now safe in Bogotá after a dangerous 3-day journey across the border. Her situation in Venezuela was complicated, and had little to do with money, but our ability to get her out of a failed state during a pandemic had everything to do with having resources.

I say this to say, you never know how much money you’re actually going to need to help those you love. I believe building wealth, if you’re in a position to do it, is a responsibility. Not only to yourself, and to your family, but to society who needs more generous, caring wealthy people.

The experiences I’ve had where money has made an enormous difference in the lives of those I love is one of the reasons I’ve chosen to focus on helping other people build their wealth.

I have 3 slots left for Monday’s 12-week Wealth Building Intensive. Who do you know who needs to tackle this, if not for themselves, but for those they love.  Forward them this email to sign up

Brandon has never been less important in terms of our We can do so much now from anywhere, so wwhich if you don’t know what it is (I didn’t) it’s defined as “the action or process of distributing things or people over a wide area”.