Why Now? Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed in Changing Tides

We’re in the middle of a massive sea change. It isn’t the first one, and it certainly won’t be the last. The thing about sea changes is, the other side always looks different than we expected—and that depends, in part, on whether we jumped at the opportunities that came in the middle of the storm. I’ve watched a few of these changes come and go, and this time around, I can see some key characteristics tying them all together and hinting at the opportunities in front of us now—opportunities I’m going to jump at.

Patterns of the past

In 1999, I secured my first professional job working for an information technology staffing firm. I was in a sales role, responsible for finding and managing corporate clients who would use our recruiting services to fill temporary and permanent job openings. I was not tuned in to macroeconomic shifts, let alone how to maximize them, but about a year into the position, I started to become aware of trouble in the tech industry. My clients—mostly technology companies—suddenly stopped hiring and business quickly dried up. Seeing where things were headed, and realizing that I didn’t love IT to begin with, I left the tech world and found my way into real estate, which turned out to be fortuitous because the dot.com bubble burst shortly thereafter.

In 2006, my partners and I started a residential real estate brokerage company called Keller Williams Capital Properties. By 2008, the economy was in a freefall, driven in large part by the real estate market collapse which left us working like hell to grow our new fledgling firm. As hard as it was, we understood that the market presented an opportunity—if we could execute. Sure enough, the market collapse turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to us because, as our competitors struggled with absorbent cost structures, we were small and nimble, positioning us for substantial market gains in the years to come. 

Now, having lived through a variety of market shifts, I see with clarity that macroeconomic shifts can turn out to be extraordinary accelerators if you can ride just a few feet ahead of the innovation wave. 

Like 2000 was for tech, and 2008 was for real estate, I believe 2021 is another of these inflection points, both for entrepreneurs and for society in general. 

The entrepreneur’s opportunity in 2021

Accelerated by the pandemic, Web 3.0 has arrived—the third generation of the internet defined by machine learning and artificial intelligence—ushering in a new wave of opportunity for entrepreneurs. From enhanced productivity and quality of life with new remote work options, to data analytics that provide remarkably personalized insights into our customers, to decentralized finance, we are reinventing nearly every element of business. 

Opportunity, however, doesn’t always come with ease. Entrepreneurship is often hard, and when paired with the complex dynamics that make up Web 3.0, it’s clear we’re headed into some unchartered waters at breakneck speed. It’s also clear that entrepreneurship itself is in need of a rebrand because many aspects of it are unsustainable. Therefore, redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur and building new communities through which we can meaningfully engage with one another is critical to truly realizing the opportunities afforded to us at this moment in time.

All of this has been on my mind since I began to reimagine my own professional possibilities a few years ago. Gradually, I landed on an idea for a company that I believe will help redefine what it means to be a successful entrepreneur and build a new community of like-minded individuals. This new company fully embodies who I am and what I stand for: helping entrepreneurs like you win financially, emotionally, spiritually, and in every way that is important to them. 

Thanks for sticking with me during this long build-up. I wanted you to see more clearly how I’ve been thinking about the future, within the context of where we’ve been, and what led me to finally bring to life my new body of work: Brandon Green Chapter2Ventures.

What is Chapter2Ventures?

Chapter2Ventures (C2V) is a modern-day education and investment platform helping entrepreneurs develop and lead better lives. C2V encompasses a financial education product line, an impact-focused investment portfolio, and curated experiences designed to help entrepreneurs grow. C2V also has a non-profit organization, The Alchemy Foundation, focused on improving financial literacy and early-stage entrepreneurship.

(More information on each of these verticals is included in the bottom of this post.)

Why now?

This next chapter of entrepreneurship needs to feel different. It needs to ignite new possibilities and produce better results for entrepreneurs and their families and employees, and for the world. That means… 

  • No more accepting a lack of clarity and dead-end opportunities. 
  • No more waiting to do what you really want to do—and waiting to have the impact you’ve always envisioned having. 
  • No more buying into the false notion that when you get there, you’ll be happy, or when you reach that accomplishment, you’ll be successful. 
  • No more believing that when you surpass your net-worth goal, you’ll be free, or expecting happiness to come eventually. 
  • No more chasing elusive success. 
  • And no more learning for learning’s sake either. 

We’ve had enough of that. Now is the time for action—not posturing—and not waiting until you have it all figured out.  

I looked at all of this and saw an opportunity to create something new and help forge this chapter of entrepreneurship. It started with a purpose: to leverage my skills and network to impact more people. This purpose became the foundation of a new business model that: 

  • Dynamically intertwines various business verticals that would traditionally stand alone; 
  • Delivers products and services that are aligned with core values;
  • Celebrates profit without sacrificing people and our planet; and
  • Brings together a diverse team committed to disrupting the personal and professional development space and redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. 

That is how Chapter2Ventures came to be and what we stand to be moving forward.

Be a part of it

Ready to join us? Start by taking the Alchemist Indicator assessment, a first-of-its-kind tool designed to determine where you are in your ability to both see possibilities and make them a reality—a foundational skill to great entrepreneurship. This will give you early insight into your next steps and how best to advance your growth. 

From there you might join the Alchemy of Money program and the community platform designed to help you build your financial capacity. Maybe it’s the in-person experiences you’re interested in? Joining the platform will get you early access to those opportunities. For those who are ready, we look forward to partnering on investment deals that help move you forward.

So, let’s do it. 

Let’s set a new vision for what it means to be an entrepreneur. Let’s enjoy the journey as much as the destination by caring for ourselves. Let’s build our wealth to fund all our possibilities. Let’s make the investments to ensure we’re leaving a legacy we are proud of. 

More about C2V’s verticals

Financial Education Products 

Our first financial education product is called The Alchemy of Money for Real Estate Agents. It’s a step-by-step guide to building wealth, and the first-ever course on wealth-building designed specifically for real estate agents. Members will get every tool needed to move through roadblocks, make sense of money, and set up systems that will build real wealth over time. Students in the Alchemy of Money will also have the opportunity to join our community of entrepreneurs and learn from some of the best and brightest about what they are doing to succeed.

Impact-Focused Investments 

Qualifying members of the community will be able to access our investment fund, which is building a portfolio that includes operating businesses with underlying real estate, unique real estate opportunities, and venture capital for particularly compelling entrepreneurs with ideas that make sense and have the potential to be real category-definers and world-shakers. 

Curated Experiences 

Our community will have access to in-person experiences—a combination of personal retreat and professional renewal in some of the world’s most exciting destinations.