Are you in your own echo chamber?

One of the effects of the extraordinary evolution of technology is we are living in echo chambers of our own creation, more now than ever.  The convenience of predictive analytics makes it easy to find what we are looking for and also makes it difficult to see anything other than what we are looking for.  This presents an opportunity and a problem.  The opportunity is it’s easy to create the experience you want to have by only clicking on, following, and searching for things that will help you grow and become a better version of yourself.  You choose your gurus and when you search for them, follow them, engage in dialog with them you’ll see more of them come into your experience.  This is a powerful multiplier of your growth if you choose programming in alignment with the direction you want to go.

The problem is we aren’t necessarily present to the reality that every click has a narrowing effect, focusing us only to see more of what we are pursuing, and so we start to believe that the only reality is the reality we have programmed for ourselves.  This is false and diminishes creativity, curiosity, and empathy and makes it all too easy to think other people are wrong and you are right.  The ego insists on you making that determination unless your present and counter-act it.

It takes great effort now to be exposed to thoughts and beliefs different from our own.  I propose though, your happiness, and your ability to get ahead is directly tied to your ability to have empathy for your fellow humans.  Which is directly tied to your understanding of technology and the impact, positive and negative, it is having on our society and having on you.