About Us

We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs build sustainable wealth through learning, investing, and connecting. We believe in possibilities, and work every day to support your growth, inspire you to action, and remind you to enjoy the journey along the way.

Brandon’s Story

Early Years

As a kid, Brandon came to the painful realization that he wasn’t like his peers—an awareness that held immense potential. 

He learned that there are both challenges and opportunities involved in uncovering your identity, becoming comfortable with yourself, and making life decisions that may conflict with others’ wishes.

Creating Possibilities

Brandon derived meaning and value from lessons learned at the beginning of his life and career. He created a vision for himself and his company and crafted possibilities based on those insights. Then, he transformed inspiration into action, embraced inevitable challenges and mistakes along the way, and built a life better than he had imagined. 

In doing so, he uncovered an important truth: Once you figure out who you are, you can determine what’s possible.

Learning to Love the Journey

Brandon found that the journey is just as important as the destination. Even more important to personal and professional satisfaction is committing to the path ahead and appreciating each step along the way.

This epiphany helped him drop the trade-offs so many of us fall prey to time and again. In fact, when you learn to love the journey, you may very well find that you have a lot more than you think.

Sharing It All With the World

Over the course of his career, Brandon learned to play the long game, instituting systems and strategies for sustainable progress. Part of that effort is recognizing that fulfillment can—and should—exist alongside material wealth.

To pay it forward and give back in a sustainable way, you must establish self-sufficiency and learn to love yourself and the journey. Today, Brandon and his team are proud to be catalyzing this approach, equipping others with the capacity to create possibilities and make them happen.

Brandon Green

Founder & CEO

Shane Feldman

Chief of Staff

Bryan Wish

Head of Strategy
BW Missions

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Head of Content
BW Missions

Rich Keller

Brand Advisor
Transformational Alchemist, LLC

Pam O’Bryant

Founder and Coach
Real Estate on Purpose

Mark House

Managing Partner
Empowering Leaders

Alaina Szlachta

Learning Architect
By Design Development Solutions

Christian Salinas

Staging Design

Caitrin Garrett

Garrett Hotel Consulting Group

Felicia Gondomulia

Benton Design

Scott Scarfone

Landscape Architect

Larry Rubin,

Aronson’s Tax Services Group


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Managing Director
Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

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Operations and Systems
Onvari LLC