Moderation in all things?

Is moderation a worthy pursuit?

On the surface, it seems so. From religious texts to modern-day psychotherapists, there seems to be no shortage of arguments for it.  

And yet, taking a moderate approach to your business or personal endeavors this year will likely leave your results lacking, exposing the paradox of success. 

It takes massive and intense action on one thing to get momentum, but that is not without consequence in the other things important to you. 

What do you do? 

Accept the fact you can bring only one difficult thing that requires a lot of your personal effort into momentum at a time. A new business venture you lead personally is a good example of that. Before you have a team, you have an idea, and YOU have to push that idea into reality with your personal capacity. There is no moderation in that process.

The good news is it gets easier. Once you have established momentum you can sustain more than one thing at a time, you can nurture several things at a time, and you can support a very large number of things that have momentum. This is particularly true if those things don’t require much of your personal time but, instead, are supported by your capital and/or influence. 

My point: moderation may not be realistic right now, and that’s ok. Be mindful of your boundaries and realize you can’t keep up the pace forever, but now might just be the time for you to push down the pedal hard and really see how far you can go. Trust your intuition and listen to your body.

You’ve got this!