Fall in love with your business again

Let’s face it.  Being a business owner is a grind. During the up times you’re certain you made the right choice, during the down times you wonder what the hell were you thinking.  And this can all happen in the span of a day.  So yes, there are a lot of reasons why being in business is hard and not for the faint of heart including the risk and the long hours but let me take a moment to remind you why you love your business.

Freedom!  Ok, so maybe it’s not as complete as you originally imagined, but you have to admit, you set the rules, including how you manage your time, and that’s a wonderful thing indeed.  How much is that worth?  Pretty hard to calculate isn’t it.

Money!  Yes, you have to do your part here and be a good steward of the business, though if you do, and you do well, you can do very very well financially.  An enormous amount of wealth is created in business.

Challenge!  Admit it, you can’t stand to be bored.  And you’re certainly not as a business owner.

Control!  You’re a bit of a freak when it comes to this.  And it might be part of what is holding you back, though you know when you’ve got it and as the owner you call the shots and secretly (or not so secretly) love that.

Impact!  What you do matters.  Remember that.  It matters to your customers, to your employees, to your colleagues.  When you’re on your game everyone is better because of it.  Business is one of the greatest positive impact vehicles in the world in part because it is completely self-sustaining through the value it creates, and it helps sustain and grow everything around it.

So on your next difficult day pull out this list and remember, this is how you’re wired.  You wouldn’t have it any other way, and you love it.