The Relationship with Potentiality and Pragmatism

If you’ve been surprised by someone you thought you knew, consider you may have mismanaged your relationship with potentiality and pragmatism. 

Here’s the tension… To lead you must see and connect with potential, which by definition is a future state not yet in existence. Yet the realities of today are where things can go wrong and you can get blindsided when your vision of potential doesn’t match the pace at which someone is rising into it.

So what do you do?

Surround yourself with people who see the world with a shorter time horizon and in greater detail than you. They can help you close this gap. Your job as the visionary is to see possibilities in everyone but you also must integrate a team with different perspectives or you won’t make much progress.

If you’re missing key people consider doubling down on being externally facing and recruit to the organization. Remember, you alone cannot work your way to a big vision, but you can create a team where potential and pragmatism can live effectively in the same space and create something extraordinary. 

Get the ball rolling on that. The world awaits!