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To would-be entrepreneurs: There has been a big mistake.

June 25, 2018

I’m 6 weeks into my 2018 summer listening tour.  For those who missed it earlier, I’m touring the country and listening.  I’m listening because now is a special time in my professional narrative, and we are experiencing a unique time in history which is creating a whitespace of opportunity for entrepreneurs like me. The 4thindustrial…

I was 36 months away from being irrelevant

June 18, 2018

I was maybe 36 months away from being completely irrelevant.  And didn’t even know it.  I hope this post is a wake-up call for you too. According to analytics from Flurry, a year ago we were spending 5 hours a day on our mobile device.  You know, that thing we used to call a cell…

Some are winning many are not. Why?

June 13, 2018

We’re either moving forward or moving backward. Offense or defense.  There is no neutral.  Yesterday I emceed an event with real estate entrepreneurs and there were some clear themes I pulled out of that day.  The gap between those that are winning and those that are not is wide.  And widening.  Here’s where I am…

Unexpectedly I’ve become very judgmental

June 5, 2018

June 5th, downtown DC, 78 degrees. Unexpectedly I’ve become very judgmental and frankly I’m embarrassed to admit it.  A couple weeks ago I found $220 cash, by the Washington Monument.  I waited around for quite a while to see if anyone would come back and appear to be looking for something.  No one came, and…

How do you define success?

June 4, 2018

Washington, DC – Crestwood.  78 and finally sunny after weeks of rain. A couple days ago I had a conversation with Brandon T. Adams.  He, along with his finance Samantha Rossin is producing a show called Success in Your City.  The premise is to discover what success is.  It was a fascinating conversation – I…

blackberry farm

Solving world problems by closing gaps between capital and business

June 2, 2018

Walland, Tennessee, 83 degrees, humid – Blackberry Farm. This weekend I’m at the farm for our annual YPO retreat. YPO is a global platform for business entrepreneurs to engage, learn and grow.  So far this weekend I’ve had some fascinating conversations with some extremely successful business leaders about their business models, their opportunities and their challenges. …

White Space from Grief and Change

May 31, 2018

IAD to Austin, TX.  I’m in the white space.  It’s quieter here than I expected.  Two things have pushed me here, one willingly, the other not.  The unwillingness was the death of my 19-year cat last week.  This has hit me harder than I expected. I literally sobbed off and on for almost two days…

Desire Is Not Enough

September 18, 2018

Everyone wants better for themselves.  It’s a natural human condition – the evolution forward into something better than previously experienced or known.  Yet, why do some people and organizations succeed at improving and moving forward, and others do not? I think it boils down to the truth around the base line psychological need of certainty. …

Success is Sequential

May 28, 2018

I want to bubble to the top one topic –  success is sequential and not simultaneous.  This is particularly difficult in entrepreneurship as we are required to do a multitude of things reasonably well in order to advance.  You must be reasonably good at sales, marketing, administration, organization, design, communication and the list goes on. …

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