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Are you running your business or is your business running you?

In business we say, “hold your money accountable” often with a finger shake at ourselves or at others.  But what does that actually mean and how do you do it? The adage might have come from its cousin “you have to spend money to make money.”  So let’s take a look at these and see…


Fall in love with your business again

Let’s face it.  Being a business owner is a grind. During the up times you’re certain you made the right choice, during the down times you wonder what the hell were you thinking.  And this can all happen in the span of a day.  So yes, there are a lot of reasons why being in…


How to Keep Your Business Ahead Of Change

One of the most difficult things for a business owner to do is to constantly grow.  We come into our businesses with certain skills and abilities and that works for a time.  The business gets up and running, grows to a certain point, and then plateaus.  This isn’t necessarily a problem if the business is producing what…


If You’re Worried About Money, Read This…

Statistics vary, though most suggest only 20% of American workers are prepared to miss one paycheck.  I remember what that’s like.  I remember how the worry about money was all-encompassing at times and framed nearly every decision I made. One of the greatest resources that started me out of that was the book Think and Grow…


Where Creative Lives

Once a month I have an acupuncture appointment. Over the years I’ve come to count on this time as an important part of my overall stress management routine. During this particular appointment, my acupuncturist and I were discussing “white space” or also known as simple moments of quiet.  Finding white space can be incredibly difficult. …


Out of Touch? What to do?

I recently found this article to be very interesting about aristocrats being out of touch with the realities of economic inequality. I’m willing to say that just by being an aristocrat you’re out of touch.  The article does bring up some very good questions about what it might take to reduce the spread between the haves and have nots. I offer three…


What’s your biggest struggle?

I received a note the other day asking me, what’s my biggest struggle? Note the definition of struggle.  “Make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.” I don’t see life or business that way.  To me, the world is not something to oppose or violently fight against.  Nothing and no one…


The balance between heart and head

I can’t remember the last time I started the year with so much energy and enthusiasm for the year ahead.  And the other day I realized it’s because my heart is leading the way and my intellect is figuring out how to execute my heart’s voice.  If that sounds too air fairy for you, think…


Tackling Social Media Step by Step

I’ve been getting some questions this week about digital media strategy and execution and my experience these last several months.  Late last spring I decided to become an expert in this space and realized I was very far from it.  Still am. Though I have been diving deep as a practitioner and have learned a…


Manage Your Time Off

When I started my business in 2001 I worked 7 days a week for 3 years straight.  I was in my mid-20s and focused on building as quickly as possible.  Eventually, it became clear to me that wasn’t sustainable and I needed to have some time off.  The problem was the business never seemed to…


Do this so you don’t lose focus on your 2019 goal

Usually, by the 2nd or 3rd week of January, your New Year’s Eve optimism about 2019 is beginning to lose its glow as the reality of life and your business sets in.  It may even be quite demotivating to look at the goal you set and realize you’re nearly halfway through the first month of the year…


How to actually advance your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are a bit controversial.  While I’m not aware of any hard research on the matter, antidotally, it does seem like the resolutions fade pretty quickly. Instead of resolutions, try constructing your goals with clear lead and lag indicators.  Let me explain…. A lead indicator is an activity that if you focus on…

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