Success and purpose are forever intertwined and always reaffirming one and another.

– Brandon Green


Success and purpose are forever intertwined and always reaffirming one and another.

– Brandon Green

Brandon Green


Brandon Green


My Story

The Quick Version

My Story

The Quick Version

Usually these bios start with an impressive degree from a big name University. Not for Brandon.

Brandon was born in Wyoming and grew up in Iowa moving to the Washington DC area after a 2-year international tour with Up With People. He immediately landed a job in sales, transitioning to real estate by 2001. By 2006 Brandon co-founded the Keller Williams Capital Properties real estate organization and together with his partners built it into a regional network of 8 offices and $2 billion in annual sales in a little more than a decade.

Brandon’s leadership is informed by his international perspective and love for people combined with his formative business years growing a company during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis. The years that followed the crisis were challenged by disruption as technology driven, venture capital back competitors entered the market.

Through all of that Brandon has become an award winning entrepreneur with several businesses and is a nationally recognized speaker and expert on balancing success and purpose and leading with passion and practicality.

Brandon is also the founder of Chapter 2 Ventures, a company focused on investing in innovative people and organizations who help facilitate positive change through business enterprise. He lives in Washington DC with his husband Christian Salinas, who is also an entrepreneur.

My Core Beliefs

What I Stand For

Purpose & Reflection

In my career and life I have found that having a clear purpose is what drives me. This may change over time or by initiative but always finding it is a lifelong commitment I have made to myself. But purpose isn’t enough if you don’t allow yourself the time to reflect and notice how circumstances and opportunities shape where your purpose leads.

Love Yourself

It has been a journey and not always easy, but when I embrace and love myself it has led to success and fulfillment.

Sweat Equity

Getting things done matters. I pride myself on putting in the work to drive to the result that has been determined.


Success is directly related to the bond between what I say and what I do. Being unaccountable to our word destroys trust.

People matter

We are all reflections of each other and share the human experience. When I center empathy and compassion at the center of all that I do it increases peacefulness and happiness in my life.

Money matters

The truth is, we don’t know how much money we might actually need. Life can be enormously expensive and if we don’t have honest and strategic plans about building wealth we potentially become a burden to others. Money is a form of power, influence and freedom. Having money and using it helps solve big problems and create more opportunities to do good in the world.

Giving back matters

Being an active member of the communities I am part of fuels me. Through participation, fundraising, leadership and mentoring I want to be seen as part of the fabric that helps more people feel safe, connected and successful.

Be thirsty for life

Life is adventurous and should be lived fully. Challenging my comfort zones, having to navigate new realities and looking at what might come next helps to keep me sharp and delighted.

Beautiful things matter

My aesthetic is different than yours but when all of us value beauty, craftsmanship, design and creativity we lift the spirits and possibilities of all of us. Art and appreciating the wonder of the natural and human worlds brings us together and all that I do looks to advance that ethos.

My Full Story

The Long Version

Early Defining Moments

Born in Rock Springs, Wyoming to Allen and Shirley Green, a local elementary school principal and stay-at-home, Brandon grew up as the eldest child in a Mormon household. He moved to Iowa when he was 12 so his Dad could pursue his Doctorate in Education at Iowa State University.

One of his first defining moments as an adolescent came when, instead of going on a Mormon mission, he chose to join the global youth educational organization Up With People. He fundraised the $15,000 tuition as a junior in high school and shortly after graduation went on an international tour inspiring change for a more hopeful and peaceful world.

After the international tour, he came home to Iowa where he attended community college in Iowa for less than two years before returning to Up With People as a staff member for an additional year. While he was discovering the world, he was also discovering himself and came to terms with being gay and began to deal with the various personal challenges that would come.

The Move To The East Coast And Entry Into Real Estate

In 1999, Brandon moved to Baltimore, Maryland with the intention of finishing school, though short on resources he landed a job in sales for a staffing firm. Fired from that first job after speaking up in a sales meeting, he found another position in Washington, DC working for an information technology staffing firm in a sales role. He stayed in the staffing business for another year, quickly becoming one of the top salespeople.

Inspired to do more with his life, and experiencing the downturn in the information technology industry, Brandon decided to enter real estate in 2001 first as an investor and eventually as a licensed Realtor, making an early name for himself by selling $12 million in real estate his first year in the business. By 2004 he was well on his way, securing the Rookie of the Year award for top performance in the region and national recognition in Realtor Magazine’s 30 under 30.

In 2005 he met Bo Menkiti during a real estate transaction. The transaction allowed Bo and Brandon an opportunity to work together and they grew to respect and admire each other’s business practices. That admiration led to a conversation about the future of real estate and both men realized they had a compelling vision, and decided to bring that vision together into a business that would transform lives, careers and communities through real estate.

Launching The Vision

That vision and the relationship grew and expanded to include Carlos Garcia, and Joel Nelson and Jason Martin and together they launched Keller Williams Capital Properties (KWCP) in mid 2006. Brandon took on the role as Principal Broker for the firm and continued his focus on growing his sales enterprise Brandon Green Residential, now affiliated with KWCP.

In 2008 the market changed and Brandon Green Residential’s sales, which had been exclusively private home buyers and sellers, shifted to included institutional clients and his team rapidly expanded to handle the foreclosures flooding the market, selling hundreds of homes per year during the financial crisis.

Simultaneously, the vision for KWCP expanded and the team launched a second DC location in 2009 and a third in Fairfax, Virginia in 2010 which went on to be the most profitable new launches in Keller Williams Realty International that year.

In 2011, after conversations with his fellow founding partners, Brandon made an important decision to take on the role as Team Leader for the Washington DC locations.

Rapid Growth

From January 2012 through October 2014 Brandon lead KWCP-DC to become the company’s flagship growing from 111 agents to 261 agents and increasing revenue from$10.4M to $17.4M. In October of 2014 Brandon promoted his Assistant Team Leader to Team Leader and he took over as Managing Partner and Principal Broker for all offices which now included 5 locations across Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

In 2015 and 2016 the company continued to grow by an average of 22.5%, and the company added partnerships in title, home warranty and mortgage. In 2017 Brandon and his team grew the platform by launching 3 more offices, Springfield, Virginia; Stafford, Virginia; and Upper NW, DC, bringing the company to over 1,000 agents with 50 full time employees.

Leadership Succession and Pivot

In 2017 and 2018 Brandon focused on positioning the company for the future by building the leadership teams, solidifying the executive and operational team, and refining the KWCP structure to ensure successful growth into a rapidly changing industry. In 2018 Brandon and CEO Bo Menkiti brought on Dontae Carroll as COO to run the company.

Since 2000 Brandon has dedicated his career to building companies and networks that have touched thousands of lives. Brandon believes now is a particularly interesting time as business grapples with change occurring as our society evolves to a more digitally based service economy. Brandon understands we are now a global network of connected societies which presents additional opportunities and challenges driven by differences in culture, generations, and socioeconomics. The uniqueness of this time, and the exponential pace of change puts enormous stress on businesses and people making decisions to ensure success into the future.

Through his impact-investing, keynote presentations, and upcoming book, Brandon is very passionate about investing in and working with businesses, people, and communities to succeed. Brandon’s diverse experiences and success in multiple businesses and in building a personal life of deep meaning has led him to be a thought leader on business, entrepreneurism, and on developing human capacity across the globe.

Brandon lives in Washington, DC with his husband Christian, also an entrepreneur, who owns a home staging and interior design business Staging Design DC. They love their nieces and nephews in Iowa and love to travel, committing to three personal international trips each year.